Nov 5th 2016: The Regents Street Motor show.
Find out all about the Mobility Roadshow 2017 and see Trekinetic at this fabulous free event.

Mobility Roadshow

March 28th - 30th 2017: Naidex 2017
At the NEC, Birmingham. Come and try Trekinetic's full range of manual and power dual purpose chairs. More here:

Naidex 2017

June 1st - 3rd 2017
The Mobility Roadshow 2017 at the NAEC Stoneleigh, Warwickshire. This summer come see and try Trekinetic for yourself at the show that truly put us on the map. Click here to find out more:

K2 owners, current and future, might be interested to know that a major new sci-fi movie set a few years into the future is currently in post-production. 

The main focus of the story surround a freestyle runner who suffers a neck injury, confining him to a wheelchair. Then a group of young students, studying quantum biology and bio-engineering, make a ground breaking discovery.... 

The producers were looking for a new technology wheelchair and were delighted to find the K2 already existed. 

Trailer coming soon!!!

For some time we have been looking for a method of enabling children to be accommodated in our standard 16" seat, when currently, it is a little too wide for them. This is in response to parents who tell us, that they need the Trekinetic to be a child to adult chair. 

......and the Trekinetic Hyperformer seat liner, designed by a visionary Occupational Therapist, is our solution. 

Basically, it is a combined backrest and side support cushioning system. 

Inside the black cover is a sealed liner filled with polystyrene granules, a little like a bean bag. To set, the liner is manipulated such that the beads fill any voids between the child’s body and the seat. Then, the supplied hand vacuum pump is fitted into the valve under the seat. A few pumps later, with the air and pump removed, the seat liner retains it's shape, almost like magic. 

It is really quite remarkable. A seat that you can mould exactly to your child’s body. 

Crucially you can redo anytime, as the child grows. 

The Hyperformer is also expected to be of great benefit to those with Scoliosis or similar conditions. 

N.B. The Hyperfomer requires a revised profile Foam or Roho cushion, to cover the umbrella socket that now houses the vacuum valve. This will be automatically specified when the Hyperformer and required cushion are selected on your order. The umbrella can still be accommodated by selecting the Attendant Umbrella Mount, which is fitted to the handlebars.

Trekinetic are literally at the front once again, with their Allied Forces inspired, Desert Scorpion, all terrain wheelchair. 

Desert Scorpion is a derivative of Trekinetic’s successful K-2, but this time with a set of additional wheels front and rear, making seven wheels in total. This is probably a world first ,for a manually propelled machine and may signal a new breed of truly sand capable wheelchairs. 

The reason for the extra wheels is to prevent the wheels sinking into hot sand, hampering progress. Additionally the footrest is retractable and in production will be lockable, making it possible to momentarily increase ground clearance. 

Uniquely, the new machine is also designed as a tribute to Allied Forces who have served in The Gulf, Afghanistan and other Desert based operations, which explains its unique military appearance. Despite its off road credentials, the carbon fibre Desert Scorpion can be quickly turned back to an everyday wheelchair, by removing the additional quick release wheels and replacing with standard. 

The Desert Scorpion also showcases Trekinetic’s new folding handlebar option, available on all Trekinetic models. 

The Desert Scorpion will only be available to members of British and NATO Armed Forces and Military based organisations or charities.

A brilliant new novel where the hero, uses a very special wheelchair, that just might have been inspired by the Trekinetic K2... or at least that’s what is says in credits at the back!

This new adaptation enables you to retract the footrest, without bending down quite so much. Developed for the GTE where some users were concerned they might tip out, it has the additional benefit of locking when extended, thus offering even more security.

It may also be used to effect more ground clearance temporarily, to clear obstacles for example.

Available for all models of Trekinetic and will fit straight on without modification

Several airlines have contacted us asking how to secure the Trekinetic chairs in an aircraft hold. Hitherto, we have prepared document/diagram for airlines and owners, that will be supplied upon request. The methods described have been successful with both GTE and K2.

The information is given only in good faith and should not be taken as a recommendation or guarantee of safe passage. Many factors are beyond our control and no liability for any possible damage can be accepted.