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New 2018 GT-3 Mk II manual chair

In addition to all the features of the original GT-3 Mk I listed below, the Mk II additionally includes:

  • Handlebar if optioned, now in matching Grand Prix White
  • Extra Long Handlebar Extensions option now available. No more kicking of rear wheel.
  • Extra Long Handlebar Extension with brake levers now available, attendant operable from XL extension grips. Folds too. No extra cost.
  • Safari kit option now improved with larger design bag capable of holding small personal belongings
  • Spare wheel retainer now moulded in during seat manufacture to improve strength
  • Camber Bar: Revised design: Emergency release holes now standard
  • Camber bar: New optional retro fit-able locking system.
  • Rear release clevis now has comfort buttons as standard. These reduce scratching and make release easier for users with reduced hand strength
  • Tall User 50mm Extended seat option with longer Foam cushion. Increases overhang/length by 50mm.
  • Handlebars Folding/Plain option: Now with improved handlebar clamp. Completely eradicates unwanted rotational movement of headrest or handlebar extensions, due to wear
  • Foam Backrest option (50mm thick)
  • Handrims now oval form warmer to the touch, lighter plastic construction.
  • Handrim delete, no cost option
  • Hyperforma seat now available without sides for adult use.

Trekinetic GT- 3 (active manual or attendant) now known as GT-3 Mk I

Trekinetic have transformed the mundane wheelchair, from crude Medical Device, to an ultra modern object of desire. Maybe non more so than our exclusive GT-3 model. With it's stunning Grand Prix White and Nero Black finish, some have called it the most beautiful wheelchair ever designed.


To learn more about the technical advances, please read about the K-2 first, as the GT-3 is a city focused derivative of the K-2. Key differences are smooth tyres, some key options as standard and exclusive predominately white with black highlights finish.


Also see Pricing page to check out Dimensions, Weights, Standard Equipment and Options.